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Eleusis harbour, Athens, Greece

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Since the first SPOT satellite was launched in 1986, the SPOT system has sought to provide continuity of service and constantly improved quality of products for users.

SPOT 5 is the fifth satellite in the SPOT series, placed into orbit by an Ariane launcher.

The SPOT system was designed by CNES as system prime contractor and built in partnership with Astrium and Spot Image.
Today, it is the world's leading civil Earth observation system.

First images
See the first full-resolution SPOT 5 images:
- of Stockholm, Marseille, Naples, Paris, Toulouse and Algeria
- and the first 3-D animation of Naples and Mount Vesuvius (MPEG 1 films)

SPOT 5 on orbit (artist's impression)
Click on the image for a real-time 3D view of the satellite

SPOT 5 was orbited on the night of 3 to 4 May 2002 by an Ariane 4 launcher. The satellite is functioning nominally.
Launch (film Mpeg 1)

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